France Bans Public Smoking of E Cigarettes


In a country known for its abundances of smokers, France became the first country to ban both public smoking of real cigarettes and e cigarettes.  So much for those pictures and dreams of me smoking and have a coffee at a local cafe in Paris.

I always wanted to go to Paris and cafe my cigarettes while I read a book and watch all the Parisian walking by.

It will be interesting to see if any other country follow suit.

The rationale for the law according to law makers is that it will e cigarettes will encourage more people to smoke because it is a lot better for you than real cigarettes.

Disposable E Cigarettes

Personally for me, disposable e cigarettes are a waste of money.  They are not for me and here is why:

First, over time, they do not save you money.  They cost more and a per use basis then with rechargeable e cigarettes.  A disposable ecig goes for about $7.99.  You might get able a pack of cigarettes out of it.  Yeah that is cheaper than buy a pack of real cigarettes but that is about it.

If you would have purchased a rechargeable e cigarette, you would have been able to buy a pack of 5 cartridges for $12.00.  That means each cartridge would cost you $2.40.  Equaling you $2.40 per pack of cigarettes.  Instead of paying $7.99 per pack for disposable.

Second, disposable e cigarettes are bad for the environment.  Each time you finish a disposable, it goes right into the trash can and into our landfills.  Think of how many cigarettes you smoke a year and that pile gets bigger and bigger of disposable batteries.  They are not eco friendly at all.

Think about the impact you are leaving on our planet and stop thinking about yourself for once.

Third, the length of the battery in a disposable ecigarettes varies.  You have no idea how long your disposable has been sitting on the self at the store.  The longer its been there the less that battery is going to last.  That stands true for the nicotine inside of it as well.  You have no way to charge it back up or refill it.  So one bad batch and you just flushed your money down the toilet.

So for me the choice is clear.  Rechargeable e cigarettes are the way to go.

E Cigarette Oral Hygiene Benefits

There are many benefits to smoking e cigarettes.  Today we are going to discuss and focus on how using e cigarettes affects your oral hygiene.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, when you light light up a e cigarette, all you are doing is charging a battery that in turns, lights up a light at the end of the e cigarette.  There is no actual burning on anything.  Instead the battery heats up a heating coil that vaporizes the nicotine solution that is stored in the mouthpiece (cartridge area) of the e cigarette.

As a result, no tar, mercury or arsenic and other dangerous chemicals are ever lite on fire so no toxic flumes are ever emitted into the air.

So when you inhale a e cigarette, all you are doing is inhaling a water vapor that contains nicotine and nothing more.  The fake smoke disappear within a matter of a second.  The water smoke does not contain any tar, mercury or toxic chemicals so does not yellow the walls of your teeth.

Hence your teeth does not turn yellow when you smoke with an e cigarette compared to when you do with a real cigarette.  This means that your breath also does not go bad and you won’t have to worry about your breath.

So from the oral hygiene perspective this is a huge plus.

Electronic Nicotine Delivery E-Cigarette

By now you have probably heard radio commercials, television inforcommercial, and print ads in local magazines about electronic cigarettes.  They are the hot new product.  The more attractive method that will electronically deliver nicotine to your body.

E-cigarettes deliver nicotine to your body through an electronic battery that vaporize nicotine chemicals inside its cartridge into a smokeless water based solution.  It looks just like a real cigarette and smokes just like a real one.  The smoke emitted looks like real smoke but it is not.  That is the beauty of an e-cigarette.  It looks and smokes like a real cigarette but is much cheaper on a per pack of cigarette comparison and is less dangerous for you.